Stanton Moore's Drum Academy eBook

Stanton Moore's Drum Academy eBook

Over 375 Pages of Drum Lessons To Improve Your Groove!


Do you find yourself at a loss for what to practice? This eBook offers over 375 pages of drum lessons all clearly explained and notated. You'll never be at a loss for things to practice again!


The material herein covers some of the questions I am most often asked about drumming. Through my teaching journeys, I also started to recognize what some of my students needed to work on in order to be prepared for what they would encounter in real world working situations.


Each one of the lessons in this eBook accompanies a full video lesson filmed with multiple camera angles. All of the video lessons are available to subscribers of Stanton Moore Drum Academy. I’ve spent countless hours writing and refining these lessons in hopes of clearly communicating the drumming information you are seeking.


This eBook contains the written portions of all of the Academy Lessons and courses inside my Drum Academy. To see the videos that accompany these lessons, you need to be a member of Stanton Moore Drum Academy.

If you are a member of the Academy, you already have access to this eBook as well as all videos that accompany this eBook. You also have access to the Fresh Approach to Drumset Videos, over 300 more pages of written material and direct access to me and the SMDA community via the interactive Forum.

Why should you buy this eBook?

Contains over 375 pages of my drumming explanations

Tons of answers to the questions I am most frequently asked

30 years of my drumming experience in one downloadable, portable PDF eBook

Drum Academy eBook

-2nd Edition-

Topics Covered in this eBook

Academy Lessons

  • Buzzrolls
  • TheBlushda
  • Applying the Drag to the Drumset
  • My Approach to Brushes
  • The Triplet Warm Up
  • Brush Basics
  • Brush Flurries
  • The Paradiddle-Diddle
  • Bass Drum Syncopation and Dynamics
  • Applying The Tambourine Into The Drumset
  • The RLRR-LRRL sticking
  • The RRLR-RLRL Sticking
  • The RRL Sandwich on RL Bread
  • Flam Sextuplets
  • Polyrhythmic Triplet Fills
  • Go-Go Beats & Variations
  • New Applications of the Steve Gadd Mozambique
  • Five Meters Tunes Based off the Ratcliff Beat
  • Variations on The Meters Tunes Based Off The Ratcliff Beat
  • The What-Ya-Ma-Call-It
  • The Thing-A-Ma-Jig
  • The Stanton-Diddle-Diddle
  • Paradiddle-Left

Academy Lessons continued

  • The Stroke
  • Spang-a-Lang-a-Palooza
  • Variations on Steve Gadd's groove to "Lenore"
  • Six Stroke Roll and a Drag
  • New Orleans Traditional Syncopated Second Line
  • Johnny Vidacovich RRR Beats
  • Swiss Triplets
  • Left Hand (Weak Hand) Workout
  • The LLRL-RLRR Sticking
  • James Black Triplets
  • Paradiddles with Flams on the Diddle
  • Improving Your Ride Cymbal Playing
  • Train Beats
  • Bossa Nova
  • 12/8 Slow Blues
  • Ballad with Brushes
  • One Handed Sixteenth Notes Played Three Different Ways
  • Classic One Hand Sixteenth Note Funk
  • Cheats For One Hand Sixteenth Note Funk
  • Playing In Between The Cracks With Your Lead Hand
  • Other Grooves That Utilize Consistent 16th Notes

Five Funk Beats You Need to Know

  • Cold Sweat
  • Soul Power
  • Funky Drummer
  • Syncopated Funk: Big Chief, Chameleon
  • Cissy Strut

The Shuffle Course

  • Improving Your Shuffle
  • Embellishing Your Shuffle
  • The Heavy Shuffle
  • The Triplet Shuffle
  • The Half Time Shuffle

The Shuffle Fills Course

  • 5 Stroke Roll
  • 6 Stroke Roll
  • Paradiddle-diddle
  • Flam Accents
  • Single Drag
  • Swiss Triplets

Beginner Beats and Fills

Drumming Skills To Pay The Bills

Drum Academy eBook

-2nd Edition-

Did I mention it’s portable?

You’ll never be at a loss for things to practice again! 

Also, every new Drum Academy Lesson will be added to this continually expanding eBook!

Once you purchase the eBook, you will be able to download all of the new lessons that I add. 

Drum Academy eBook

-2nd Edition-

Nikos Anastasiadis

"This e-book (and SMDA in general) is GOLD in terms of learning and practicing ultra musical, useful and practicable stuff!! Everything is extremely well explained with step by step exercises and examples. Basically, is ALL you need if you wanna be a good all around drummer with great sound and feel...Yes indeed!! 🔥🔥🔥"