Written Lessons

In this section, I want to present some of the worksheets and written lessons that I’ve been putting together for some of my students. I’ve been keeping busy trying to notate some of the ideas that I’ve been coming up with over time. I began by putting together worksheets to target specific issues or topics that some of my students were saying that they wanted to work on. From there, I continued to write worksheets to address what I wanted to develop in my own playing as well. When I realized how much material I was posting in the forum, it was time to have a Written Lesson section so that I can organize all of these ideas for all of you to access. Since this material addresses some of the questions you guys have been asking, I am releasing some of these ideas before I have the chance to film them for video lessons. I truly love the process of writing books. So far I’ve written two, Take it to the Street and Groove Alchemy. The issue with writing books though is that, because of my gigging and touring schedule, it takes me about 5 years from conception to completion. I might make a discovery in my research or come up with something I really want to share with the drumming world, but it sometimes sits “in the can” for years until I can share it. Now with these written lessons and worksheets, in many ways it’s like you all get to watch my next book develop as I write it, and with your questions and suggestions, you also help navigate the direction of the material I choose to cover. I’m very excited to share these ideas with you all and I hope you find that they help you achieve some of the goals you are trying to reach in your playing. I hope that you enjoy working on these ideas as much as I am enjoying sharing them with you.